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Liberia’s COCA-COLA Boss Authority Extends To Sierra Leone

   Mr. Rocky Findley, has been named by the Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Group, to manage both battling facilities in Liberia and Sierra Leone only after 18 months of transforming the business in Liberia.
  Mr. Findley is the first Liberian-born to head the global soft-drink giant business in Liberia, and also the first to be appointed to run two bottling facilities in two separate countries.
    The Coca-Cola Company International business Executive was seconded to its bottling partners about 18 months ago to tackle its business opportunities in fragile markets.
   Mr. Findley, who has held top operational roles across Africa, has also appointed  his LCCBC’s Finance Manger, Israel  Okujagu as his new Country Manager/COO for Sierra Leone.
    Other key management appointments including a new LCCBC Finance Manager will be done at a later date, according to a company’s spokesperson.