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Mulbah Morlu’s Expulsion Imminent From CDC

-Mulbah MorluThe End of Advocacy and Political Gimmick?    
In Liberia (and perhaps in some developing democracies of Africa) they say politics is interest. It is neither about viable ideology nor getting to God in an extra-terrestrial paradise. They say it is different from morality; only the end justifies the means, or by any means necessary! This vicious mindset, which has pervaded all layers of the society, drives politics into the turpitude that sometimes accompanies the flocking together of strange political bedfellows. Strange when the deal is aborted in a manner that the culprits (or engineers) are burnt by its flames, as offerings burnt at the political altar, just as are common criminals berated by their own cronies, or by self righteous critics in the open, simply because the deal has crash landed and the culprits are being booked red handed. As J. Dominic Farley of Our Staff Reports, this prelude aptly describes the fate of a promising young Mulba Morlu of the CDC, whose grass root party felt betrayed by the revelation of his attempted scandalous cross-carpeting to the ruling party. Will CDC EXPEL HIM? Find out in this story.
Credible information gathered from an authoritative source from the corridor of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) of soccer legend George Manneh Weah has hinted the Public Agenda that the Party is seriously considering going beyond mere suspension of Mulbah K. Morlu, but to also have him expelled from the CDC once and for all, in an effort to salvage the image of the party.
  The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the CDC few days ago suspended Morlu following an alleged bribery allegation involving him and Transport Minister-designate, Willard Russell when a deal that should have paved the way for the crossing over of Morlu to the ruling Unity Party crash landed.
  Morlu is an executive of the opposition CDC and a stern critic of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her administration. His call for the establishment of War Crime Court in Liberia to prosecute the president  and others for their alleged role in the Liberian civil war is not lost on many observers.
   The party’s suspension communication to Morlu, in which it categorically condemned the bribery saga, noted: “You are hereby suspended pending investigation before the Grievance and Ethics Committee. Your suspension stems from the alleged bribery allegation involving you and Transport Minister designate, Hon. Willard Russell. You are to report to said Committee not later than three (3) days upon the receipt of this communication”.
    According to the letter, the Party noted that it was forced to take the action against Morlu, given the gravityRead more... of the allegation upon the unfolding political process.
    Morlu and Russell have all admitted to the deal which failed to materialize in the cross-carpeting of the suspended CDC partisan to the ruling party.
     There have been stern reactions against Morlu from partisans of the CDC, a party that is determined to aspire for state power in the ensuing 2011 general and presidential election.
     Some have described Morlu as a belly-driven young Liberian politician and a hunger stricken advocate who has lost moral rectitude in the Liberian society.
    A devote partisan of the CDC who claimed to be enraged by Morlu’s action and probably does not want him return to the party added that Morlu has proven to be dishonest earlier in the organization he worked with before, noting that only those who don’t know this were somehow surprised about his recent action.
   The man who appeared to be a died heart partisan has begged for anonymity for his own reason, but promised to give detailed and analytical activities  of Morlu while he was serving as pastor in Ghana, including circumstances that led to his abrupt return to Liberia from the refugee camp in Ghana.
   It can be recalled that Mulbah Morlu, while serving as leader for the Establishment of War Crime Court in Liberia, claimed that he met US President Barack Obama in the Ghanaian Capital, Accra when the US President was on his first African tour. That claim was refuted by key members of the organization and in the end; Morlu was suspended, thus undermining the credibility of the group.
  Observers are of the view that if the CDC will go ahead to expel Morlu for his action that attempts to undermine the credibility of the crass-root political movement in the country; it could be the end to his political future, which they said has been characterized by gimmick, trickery and falsehood.
  Meanwhile, latest information reaching this Paper last evening says the man in the center of the scandal, Morlu, has resigned from the CDC probably to save himself from the looming disgrace he has already caused himself.