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Samuel K. Doe Jr. Detests Cruelty Against Krahns


Samuel Kanyan Doe Jr-Vows To Make Case To Madam Sirleaf
The son of slain Liberian President, Samuel Kanyan Doe, named after his father Samuel Kanyan Doe Jr. was reportedly overwhelmed with exceeding sorrow and immediately broke in fears recently at the Monrovia Central Prison when he visited 18 of his Krahn brothers kept under maximum detention with an alleged appalling condition.
The father of Doe Jr. was brutally slaughtered by forces of the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) under the command of then Special Forces Commander, Prince Y. Johnson now Senator of Nimba County.
After returning to calm, the young Doe in a rather militant tone consoled his fellow detained Grand Gedeans with these words “tough times do not last, only tough men do” and urged them to take heart.

He admonished them not be distracted by anything that could affect the tender love they have for Grand Gedeh County.
The 18 Grandeans were arrested in 2011 for alleged cross-border mercenary activities between Liberia and Ivory Coast, a case the Liberian Government has been finding difficulty to prove, although the Krahns have denied all allegations levied against them by their accusers.
However, Mr. Doe who is visiting Liberia from the United Kingdom noted that it was politically and morally wrong for a particular group of people to be targeted and singled out for continuous   political prosecution.
Mr. Doe who appeared very unhappy about how the 18 Grand Gedeans are being treated in prison was very clear that such cruelty and harassment against elements of ethnic Krahns by the Liberian Government must reignite their determinations to fight with a singular punch against any “intruder” whether real or imaginary.               
   He called on the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime to fast track the case so that his people would be given justice. Like other Grand Gedeans, Mr. Doe believes that if those under detention were given fair and speedy trial, they would be acquitted.
Meanwhile Mr. Doe urged his kinsmen to always remain on the side of the law, “people will be paid to tempt you, but always think about the existence of your county and its people, for a day will surely come when we shall overall prevail.” He noted.
The son of slain Liberian leader assured the detainees that he would accentuate the appalling and dehumanizing condition they are being subjected when he meets Pres. Sirleaf prior to his departure.  
Critics say genuine reconciliation under the Sirleaf regime is not achievable, because according them it should be a neutral person to lead the country’s reconciliation agenda and not Madam Sirleaf who is also connected with some of the problems Liberians are experiencing.